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5 Features that Sink House Sales

Posted by admin on March 9, 2018
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Perhaps it will be years before you are ready to sell your current home. Even so, it is a good idea to know the five features that sink house sales. Because if your house has one or two of them, you may want to do something about it well in advance of selling, so you have time to enjoy the improvements yourself. Plus, when it comes time to sell, there will be a million other items on your To Do list.

#1 Not Enough Bathrooms

Buyers today give low marks to a home that doesn’t have a bathroom in close proximity to its bedrooms. And not having a bathroom on the same floor of a bedroom is definitely a deal killer. Newer homes have at least two bathrooms per three bedrooms, if not three for three. If you have an older home with only one bathroom and multiple bedrooms, you have one of the top features that sink house sales.


#2 Unique Style

If your home is still boasting pink shag carpet or other decorating features that really nailed your style at the time, you really should think about replacing it with something classic that will appeal to a wider audience. Unique or outdated trendy features sink house sales, classic ones like white kitchen cabinets or neutral colored tile floors do not. They may not be exciting, but they allow a buyer more freedom to imagine a home as her own, without the distraction of someone else’s strong design sense.



#3 Outdated Kitchen or Bath

features that sink house salesWith decorating shows on TV and the Internet bringing visual images of what builders are doing today, buyers expectations of what a home should be is more demanding than ever. Laminate countertops were once the rage, but today’s shoppers expect higher end materials, like solid surface or stone. Walking into a house that has a 1970’s vibe may work for some buyers, but the majority will want a home that is more in line with what’s being installed in the homes being built within the past five years or so. Take a candid look at how your home stacks up to today’s homes. Data shows updating your kitchen or baths is one of the most impactful things you can do to help sell your house for top dollar.


#4 Unusual Floor Plan

Building or remodeling a house to fit your unique needs can spell trouble when you try to sell. A sunken living room may have seemed really groovy when you built the house. But unusual layouts like that confuse buyers. In my experience they rarely like  surprises.  A feature such as that that can sink a house sale, even though to you it seemed like a great idea.


#5 Access to Backyard

Outdoor living is more popular than ever. So if there is no direct access to your back yard, you have one of the top features that buyers dislike. For most buyers, having to go through the basement or around the front of the house to get to the back yard will be a huge negative. Adding a rear door to a landing or deck with stairs to the yard can eliminate this problem and remove one of the top features that sink house sales. And you’ll probably wish you had done it sooner!