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Tips For Buying A House

Although buying a house can be both exciting and fun, it can also be confusing and nerve-wracking. Here are a few tips for buying a house that will ensure it is a positive experience and not a negative one. 

mortgage lendingFirst, talk to a mortgage lender and get pre-qualified for a loan (unless you are paying cash. Of course). It is important to set your price range based on lender qualifications before you start your search. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time looking at houses below your price range that you won’t like, or looking at houses well above your price range that you love but cannot afford.


Second, after you’ve established a price range that will be comfortable for you, I highly recommend you find a real estate agent who can help you identify the right combination of community, neighborhood and house that will fit your needs. Why can’t you do that on your own? Well, while it’s true you can search for homes for sale on the Internet, it takes years of living in a community to understand the nuances of a neighborhood and whether that will be a good fit for your family. An experienced Realtor will ask you insightful questions that will help identify your needs, which will paint a picture of what you ideally call “home”, and then streamline the process so that your search is a focused one instead of a random one.


Additionally, many buyers are unaware of things they like and dislike in a home, but as they go through several of them focusing on the many aspects of a property, your Realtor will be paying attention to whether you are reacting positively or negatively to features you’ve never considered before, and bring that to your attention, further refining the search process.  This is one of the tips for buying a house an experienced Realtor offers.


Now that you have established your price range and what features you are looking for in a neighborhood and a home, you can start looking at homes that closely match your ideal. The challenge for many buyers at this point is keeping them all straight in their heads or even on paper.


tips for buying a house


Here’s a buyer tip that never fails to make the process much easier,  more efficient and focused, and therefore fun: only keep two houses in your mind at a time. For example, the first house you look at is House A.  When you see House B, you decide which home you like more, House A or House B, and rank them accordingly. Once you see house C, you decide if you like it more than either A or B. If you do, you discard your least favorite of the 3, and now you have two new favorites. You compare House D to those two favorites, and repeat the process, only keeping your two favorite houses in your mind and forgetting the rest.


At this point, there is no reason to stand around in a house discussing all the things that won’t work for you. Your criteria has been established, so once you recognize that a house isn’t going to displace your #1 or #2  as a new favorite, move on! Stay focused on the positive, find your new home, and don’t get distracted by the ones you don’t like. This is easier said than done!


These are tips for buying a house we know to be very helpful to our clients.  Contact us for more helpful tips like these.

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