When you live in a home, you arrange furniture in a way that works with your habits. That might mean all the furniture faces a huge TV in the family room. But a home on the market needs to reflect not the habits of the sellers, but the best features of the home itself. That might be the view to the backyard, the gorgeous hardwood floors, or stunning kitchen.


A home office needs to be organized and neat, even though you may work best with paper piled to the ceiling and no distracting art on the walls. The kitchen counters need to be open as possible so buyers can appreciate the work space available, even if that means you have to dig the toaster oven out of the pantry to use it.


In my experience working with both buyers and sellers, a well staged home benefits everyone. The seller will have already packed up a lot of the small personal items, the rooms will seem larger and the house more peaceful. The buyers will be able to more easily visualize their family living in the home, and will appreciate uncluttered well-arranged rooms. This results in homes selling more quickly, and at higher prices.


And with all of our listings, we offer complimentary staging services, should this be necessary in your home.