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5 Tips for a Quicker, Less Stressful Move

Posted by admin on November 16, 2016
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Many people experience stress during a move because disorganization and lack of planning lead to delays and overspending, followed by last-minute rushing on moving day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your move easier by following these 5 tips for a quicker, less stressful move provided  by ABODO .

1. Create An Emergency Kit

Anything can happen during a move. For example, the moving van carrying most of your things, including major appliances and everyday items, might break down in transit. Always keep a large emergency duffle bag with you that contains clean clothing, toiletries, medications, and (if you’re driving across the desert) beverages and non-perishable food.

2. Pack With Paper Towel Cardboard Tubes

Leftover cardboard tubes are perfect for quickly organizing items that are small and loose or often tangle like jewelry and cables. Cardboard paper towel tubes can also prevent injuries when dealing with long blades and steak knives: Simply store the knives within the tubes and then wrap them with masking or duct tape.

3. Wrap Items in Clothing and Blankets

Fragile items need to be wrapped with soft and thick packing materials like bubble wrap. That said, you can save money and reduce the number of boxes and bags that you need to move by packing fragile items with fleece, knitted clothing, blankets, and towels.

packing for a move

4. Move Dishware in Break-Resistant Ways

People often pack plates and glasses in ways that make it easy for these items to break. Wrap them in newspaper, blankets or towels before putting them in boxes. Always pack plates vertically on their edges and stemware on their rims.

5. Organize Your Boxes

5 tips for a quicker, less stressful move

If you have moved before, you have probably discovered one or more boxes in the wrong room or searched frantically for a missing box. Make your next move easier by picking a color for each room and then labeling your boxes with a marker in that color. When you are finished packing, number all of the boxes and make a list that outlines the total number of boxes, the colors by room, and the range of box numbers for each room.


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